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Redcroft Edition Rarity

This section ranks the rarity of the green and brown Little Leather Library titles with "Redcroft Edition" stamped onto the back covers, of which there are 102 unique titles that we've identified. Note there is both a brown leatherette and green leatherette version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens that was given a Redcroft Edition stamp. This is the only title of all of the brown ones that was given this stamp. There's also ~100 red leatherette books in existence that have the "Redcroft Edition" stamp on the back, these are all extremely rare and seem to have been produced just before the company name was changed to "Little Luxart Library" and available titles was reduced to 30.

This ranking is compiled from data from over 2,000 online sales. They are grouped by rarity and then listed in random order from there. This is only an estimation, rarity ranked by general availability throughout the past year. The rarity assignments given to these books are only meant to be thought of in the scope of these 102 titles with the Redcroft Edition stamp, exluding the rare red ones. Looking at their availability in the scope of all Little Leather Library books produced, they are generally the easiest to find. Most of these can be found for sale somewhere online at any given time, with the exception of the last few rarest ones in this list only sometimes surfacing.

Title Author Rarity
Ballad of Reading Gaol Oscar Wilde Common
Bab Ballads W.S. Gilbert Common
Will O' The Mill Robert Stevenson Common
50 Best Poems of England Various Authors Common
50 Best Poems of America Various Authors Common
Lancelot and Elaine Alfred Lord Tennyson Common
A Tillyloss Scandal James Barrie Common
Christ in Flanders Honore De Balzac Common
Pelleas and Melisande Maurice Maeterlinck Common
Short Stories Guy De Maupassant Common
On Going to Church George Bernard Shaw Common
Barrack Room Ballads Rudyard Kipling Common
Man Without a Country Edward Hale Common
The Comtesse of St. Geran Alexandre Dumas Common
Enoch Arden Alfred Lord Tennyson Common
Poems Robert Browning Common
Poems Robert Burns Common
The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde Common
The Man Who Was Rudyard Kipling Common
At the End of Passage Rudyard Kipling Common
Coming of Arthur Alfred Lord Tennyson Common
A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Stevenson Common
The Tempest William Shakespeare Common
Pippa Passes Robert Browning Common
Courtship of Miles Standish Henry Longfellow Common
Essays Ralph Emerson Common
Salome Oscar Wilde Common
Finest Story in the World Rudyard Kipling Common
Land of Heart's Desire W.B. Yeats Common
The Ancient Mariner Samuel T. Coleridge Common
Dream Children Charles Lamb Common
Mumu Ivan Turgenev Common
A Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare Common
Snowbound and Other Poems John Greenleaf Whittier Common
The Holy Grail Alfred Lord Tennyson Common
Friendship and Other Essays Henry Thoreau Common
Phantom Rickshaw Rudyard Kipling Common
Uses of Great Men Ralph Emerson Common
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Edward Fitzgerald Common
Speeches & Letters George Washington Common
Speeches & Addresses Abraham Lincoln Common
Hiawatha Vol 1 Henry Longfellow Common
Hiawatha Vol 2 Henry Longfellow Common
Greatest Thing in The World Henry Drummond Common
Trial of Socrates Plato Common
Dreams Olive Schreiner Common
Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare Common
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Stevenson Common
A Dream of John Ball William Morris Common
Lays of Ancient Rome Thomas Macaulay Common
The Murders in the Rue Morgue Edgar Allen Poe Common
Ghosts Henrik Ibsen Common
Memories of President Lincoln Walt Whitman Common
Irish Melodies Thomas Moore Common
Tales of Arabian Nights Vol 1 Common
Tales of Arabian Nights Vol 2 Common
Confessions of an Opium Eater Vol 1 Common
Confessions of an Opium Eater Vol 2 Common
Sonnets from the Portugese Elizabeth Browning Common
Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle Common
Vampire and Other Verses Rudyard Kipling Common
Inferno Vol 1 Dante Common
Inferno Vol 2 Dante Common
The Gold Bug Edgar Allen Poe Common
The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde Common
As a Man Thinketh James Allen Uncommon
Last Days of a Condemned Man Victor Hugo Uncommon
A Message to Garcia Elbert Hubbard Uncommon
Without Benefit of Clergy Thomas Moore Uncommon
A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen Uncommon
Words of Jesus Vol 1 Uncommon
Words of Jesus Vol 2 Uncommon
Mark of the Beast Rudyard Kipling Uncommon
Othello William Shakespeare Uncommon
Mulvaney Stories Rudyard Kipling Uncommon
RIP Van Winkle Washington Irving Uncommon
City of Dreadful Night Rudyard Kipling Uncommon
Socialism For Millionaires George Bernard Shaw Uncommon
Lady Windermere's Fan Oscar Wilde Uncommon
Sonnets William Shakespeare Rare
The Taming of The Shrew William Shakespeare Rare
Julius Ceasar William Shakespeare Rare
As You Like It William Shakespeare Rare
Mother Goose Rhymes Rare
The Bear Hunt Leo Tolstoy Rare
Carmen Prosper Merimee Rare
Merry Wives of Windsor William Shakespeare Rare
Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare Rare
Evangeline Henry Longfellow Rare
King Lear William Shakespeare Rare
Twelfth Night William Shakespeare Rare
Old Christmas Washington Irving Rare
The Raven Edgar Allen Poe Rare
Fairy Tales Hans Andersen Rare
Hamlet William Shakespeare Rare
Macbeth William Shakespeare Rare
Romeo & Juliet William Shakespeare Rare
A Christmas Carol (BROWN) Charles Dickens Rare
Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll Very Rare
A Christmas Carol (GREEN) Charles Dickens Very Rare
Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Very Rare
The U.S. Constitution and Covenant
of the League of Nations
Super Rare

Last updated May 2022

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