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Other Documents

Below are some documents related to the Little Leather Library you may find interesting. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this page.

  • Letter Asking For Input on Printing New Volumes

    This urgent letter from the president of the Little Leather Library Corp, Harry Scherman, is an interesting read. It asks for input on whether or not the company should invest in printing 500,000 copies of 70 new volumes, or use that money for advertisting for the existing 30-volume sets. To help decide, letters like this one were sent to close friends of the company executives who had already purchased the 30-volume sets asking if they would potentially purchase the 70 additional volumes if they were printed.

  • Letter to a Book Lover

    This letter to a book enthusiast from the president, Harry Scherman asks what the reader feels is the appropriate price for what a 30-volume set should be, to compare it with the actual cost, and respond with their thoughts.

  • Other Documents

    Below is a piece of mail from Funk & Wagnalls, a company that had a contract with Robert K Haas for 250,000 30-volume sets that they offered to send free to any subscriber who would promise to take The Literary Digest for a year. The other photo shows a card meant for mailing to the Little Leather Library indicating interest in purchasing a 30-volume set.

  • Mailing Box with 30-Volume Set

    A mailing box from Funk & Wagnalls Company along with the contents, a 30-Volume faux-leather set of red books.