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Boxes, Racks & Cases

Below are some boxes, cases and racks that held Little Leather Library/Robert K Haas books either from special deals or promotional items. Dates given are approximate. Click any photo below to view larger in another tab.

  • 30-Book Quartered Oak Book Rack, 1916

    Purchaseable with sets of 30 leatherbound books. The ad on the left was printed in a 1916 issue of the Cosmopolitan. While the rack in the photo on the right does not look exactly as advertised, it is believed to be from LLL.

  • 60-Book Quartared Oak Book Rack, 1916

    These were given for free with any purchase of a set of 60 leatherbound books. I've been unable to find a good photo of it. This ad is was printed in The Literary Digest in 1916, Vol 53 Iss 11. I'm not sure if it's just 2 of the 30-Book racks side by side or if it's all 1 piece.

  • 60-Book 2-tier Quartared Oak Book Rack, 1916

    These were included upon purchase of a set of 60 leatherbound books.

    Photo source: Etsy seller CasitaAzul1950

  • Whitman's Chocolates - Library Package, 1915 - 1922

    In 1915, Harry Scherman proposed to Whitman's Chocolates the idea for the "Library Package" that would enclose a copy of a pocket sized literary classic with the chocolates. Initially, the box was standard/rectangular shaped but changed to look like a book. From this 1922 ad clipping by Whitman's - "This book-shaped box bound in green and gold has a list of contents inside the cover differing from any other package". The Library Package is mentioned on the Whitman's History timeline page by Russel Stover.

    Photo and ad clipping sourced from this article from the About Blooks blog.

  • Whitman's Chocolates - Service Package, 1917

    In 1917, Whitman's Chocolates re-marketed it's Library package and advertised the Service Chocolates "Sweets With A Book" box, with books from "the standard poets and prose writers of all countries", very likely from Little Leather Library after their Library package deal. The box was blue, gold, and white with a gold-embossed lid.

    Various advertisements for these can be found at the Hathi Trust digital library.

  • Soldier's Kit of Books 1917 - 1918

    Little Leather Library books could be purchased to send directly to soldiers fighting in WW1. Set of 5 or 10 came with a kit box, buyers could take their choice from over fifty titles, according to this ad clipping from the New Republic. Tan limp leather bindings with blind-stamped floral borders and titles, as shown in these photos here and here.

  • Mailing Box for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

    In the mid-1920's it was possible to send this book as a gift directly to the recipient. Inside the box includes an illustrated memo that says "I'm sure the best greeting this merrisome day is to wish you a good Christmas this Dickens-y way".

  • Miniature Cedar Chest/Trunk, 1924?

    Sold with the Holy Bible set of 30, or sets of various leatherette brown volumes. I haven't been able to locate any ads mentioning it.

    Photo source: WorthPoint