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Below are some brochures, pamphlets, etc from the Little Leather Library/Robert K Haas Publishers. Click any photo below to view larger in another tab.

  • A Christmas Carol Gift Boxes

    This 5" by 4" brochure advertises leatherette copies of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens along with mailing boxes and special greeting cards. The brochure includes excerpts from the book. Robert K Haas, Inc. This one is dated 1924.

  • 2-Page Brochure for 30-Volume Sets

    The text here is similar/identical to text used in their advertisements from the early 1920's.

  • Single Page Brochure for 30-Volume Sets

  • Bookends Brochures

    It seems that each of these were crafted by Louis V. Aronson (1869 - 1940). Please see our bookends page for more information about these.