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Types of Little Leather Library Books

Below are unordered photos of various different types of books published by Little Leather Library/Robert K Haas that we've seen. This page aims to try to showcase each type out there in existence, but there may yet be more to discover. Click on any photo to view larger in a new tab.

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Little Leather Library Red Redcroft Edition rare book

Redcroft Edition in red leatherette covers (Not Luxart/Robert K Haas), with Redcroft Edition stamp on the back. Less texture than the Little Luxart Library ones.

Little Leather Library glossy brown leatherette

Glossy brown leatherette

Little Leather Library matte brown leatherette

Matte brown leatherette

Little leather library Sidewalks of New York

Sidewalks of New York. Leatherette special printing made for Bowman Hotels to be given for free to hotel guests along with a card.

Eating for Efficiency, Citrus Fruits and Health Builders F.M. Lupton Little Leather Library 1923

Eating for Efficiency, Citrus Fruits and Health Builders. Copyrighted and published under F.M. Lupton but has LLL name at the end. May pertain to possible cross-promotion LLL did with an orange juice company. 1923

Greatest Romance in History Karen Hayesod 1924 Little Leather Library

Greatest Romance in History. Copyright 1924 by Karen Hayesod, an organization created to raise funds to relocate Jews in Palestine ahead of WW1. Several clues point to LLL as publisher.

Extracts of Proceedings Grand Lodge F&A.M. New York. 1922 & 1923

Extracts of Proceedings Grand Lodge F&A.M. New York. 1922 & 1923

Little luxart library Salome Oscar Wilde

Little Luxart Library by Robert K Haas following him taking over the company.

Robert K Haas Cure of Self Conciousness James Alexander

5" x 7" Leatherette volume from the 3-volume set The Cure of Self-Conciousness by James Alexander published by Robert K Haas. 1924-1925.

Robert K Haas Child Health Library Psychology of the Child

Title from the Child Health Library, a 10-volume series published by Robert K Haas

Robert K Haas Mother leatherette book

Red leatherette. Mother published by Robert K Haas. Possibly part of a series.

Little leather library

This was confirmed to say published by LLL, but little is known about it.

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